Das Zombie-Spiel State of Decay 2 bekommt mit Update 1.2 einen fast 20 GB großen Mega-Patch. Der verbessert die Stabilität und behebt zahlreiche Fehler.
Patch 1.2 The 1.2 patch features significant improvements related to: • Increased stability • Improved networking interactions for clients • Improved networked vehicle interactions • Elimination of Out Of Memory crashes
Patch 1.2 Highlights Gameplay • Grenades no longer get stuck and explode in front of client character's face or behind their head while throwing • Fixed instances of clients dealing damage to their host's non-active community members with explosives • Flashlight beams no longer cast shadows from the player's character model (which had caused flickering shadows) • Characters no longer "self-shadow" when using a flashlight in multiplayer • Fixed issue with doors appearing the opposite of the state they are in • Resolved situation where, when getting into vehicles, the camera could become detached from the player's character • Fixed issue where, when clients swap weapons while in vehicles, the weapons do not swap upon exit from vehicle • Fixed rare bug that could prevent Warlord legacy arc from being completed • Fixed rare bug that could block Sheriff legacy arc from starting • Fixed issue where player's loot sometimes becomes invisible until their entire backpack is deposited into a Supply Locker
Networking and Multiplayer • Numerous networking bandwidth and CPU improvements • Game now exits to main menu faster when a client loses their internet connection, so players will no longer hang after dismissing the pop-up • Improved network vehicle interactions in multiplayer games to address weird "rubber-banding" and physics issues (including cars flying into the air). • Host facilities no longer appear invisible to clients during multiplayer Zombie and Character Behavior • Zombies no longer become immune to the Assault Kick • Reduction of step height to prevent survivors popping up onto props while moving
HUD • Fixed issue with player HUD disappearing after NPCs are executed by zombies • Community advice list no longer shows up under vignette on the map Environment and Collision • Fixed numerous collision spots across all 3 maps where players or vehicles were getting stuck • Fixed numerous collision spots across all 3 maps where players were getting stuck in an infinite freefall animation loop • Elimination of white line that appears when driving at night time • Addressed a variety of spots in world where player was not able to climb over props they should've been able to • Additional polish and reduction of LOD popping • Additional lighting tuning passes, reduction in glowing props
Other Fixes • Addressed a variety of general crash bugs • Updated a number of strings that were previously hardcoded in English • Audio mix optimizations

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