Ubisoft hat das Update für die PC-Version von Watch Dogs 2 veröffentlicht.
In der Version haben sich die Entwickler unter anderem ein Problem in Verbindung mit EasyAntiCheatzur Brust genommen, um die Anti-Cheat-Maßnahmeletztendlich zu optimieren.
Patch-Notes für Watch Dogs 2 v1.06.135.7
Updates to EasyAntiCheat integration o Adds compatibility with MSI Afterburner (Guru3d RTSS v6.5.1, v6.5.0, v6.4.0, v6.2.0): • Fixes Crash on launch] EAC / DotLocal DLL error message issue • Improves known issue [Multiplayer] Anti-cheat Software / Not Enabled. If you are still experiencing this issue, please review the FAQ [support.ubi.com] Other compatibility improvements Other Compatibility Improvements • Mexican Spanish available for Steam players in Latin America • Fixes [Steam] [Extra Content] Missing Content / Twitch, an issue that prevented Steam players who received the Twitch Prime bundle to see it as installed in-game. • Fixes [Bug / Glitch] Full Gallery] known issue where players with Windows accounts with non-ASCII characters were seeing problems • Fixes [Crash on launch] Disc Error / Steam issue • Fixes issues where Xbox One controllers were not being recognized properly via Bluetooth • General stability improvements during gameplay (e.g. fixed a rare crash when firing a weapon)

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