Für EAs Shooter Star Wars: Battlefront steht das Januar-Update zum Download bereit. Das verbessert die Balance und entfernt Bugs, auch der seit Dezember übermächtige Held Lando Calrissian ist wieder auf einem normalen Niveau.
Patch Notes des Januar-Updates
General • General: Various minor UI issues. • General: Various lighting fixes • General: Various minor art updates on Rogue One: Scarif maps
Game Modes • Walker Assault: Fixed a bug where three uplinks could be seen at the same time on Rogue One: Scarif maps • Walker Assault: Adjusted all Hero spawn points on Rogue One: Scarif maps • Walker Assault: Changed Y-wing timer to 30 seconds on Rogue One: Scarif maps • Walker Assault: Adjusted AT-AT health across all maps • Walker Assault: Adjusted AT-AT speed on Twilight on Hoth • Infiltration: Adjusted playable area during The Approach • Infiltration: Fixed an issue where users could not grab another Data tape after using the
Jump Pack • Hero Hunt: Fixed a bug with the Hero selection screen • Heroes vs. Villains: Changed to only 1 set per map • Battle Station: R2-D2 ignores benefits from Bacta Bomb and Medical Droid • Private Match: Fixed an end of round issue on Infiltration where the U-wing didn't spawn if switching teams in a 1v1 match
Weapons & Star Cards • Sonic Imploder: Fixed criteria for Grenadier Hutt contract regarding the Flash requirement • Sonic Imploder: Increased blast radius from 2 to 4 meters • Sonic Imploder: Increased explosion damage from 90 to 100 • TIE Striker: Raised projectile speed from 800 to 1000 meters/second • TIE Striker: Increased explosion damage from 5 to 10 • A-180: Fixed a rare bug where users could be spawned with their regular Star Card primary hand instead of the A-180 module
Heroes General • Most stuns will be prevented for 2 seconds after a Hero has been stunned once. This doesn't apply to specific stuns like Force Choke and Force Push
Bossk • Reduced Microgrenades inner radius from 3 to 2.5 meters • Reduced Microgrenades radius from 5 to 4 meters
Chewbacca • Increased Roar recharge time from 28 to 35 seconds • Decreased main projectile Explosion damage from 45 to 38
Darth Vader • Can now use his Saber Throw and Heavy Strike when Force Choking • Increased Trait radius from 10 meters to 15 • Trait no longer affect enemies • Trait values now correctly match the UI description, Level 1 20%, Level 2 50%, Level 3 80%
Leia • Increased Trait radius from 8 to 13 meters • Fixed looping stun animation on Trooper Bane shots • Stormtroopers affected by Bacta will now be defeated by Trooper Bane • Trait values now correctly match the UI description, Level 1 20%, Level 2 40%, Level 3 60%
Krennic • Increased Trait radius from 10 to 12 meters • Armor Breaker is applying the armor reduction after the damage is done • Reduced Armor Breaker homing capabilities • Trait values now correctly match the UI description, Level 1 10%, Level 2 20%, Level 3 40%
Luke • Decreased speed at Trait level 3 from 80% to 70% • Shield Deflection can now block Krennic's Armor Breaker ability
Jyn • Increased Pistol End damage from 35 to 69 • Increased Pistol start falloff damage from 40 To 50 • Increased Pistol end falloff damage from 60 To 70 • Decreased Rifle configuration Overheat per bullet from 0.068 to 0.055
Lando • Will no longer be damaged from his Power Blast Explosion • Power Blast now goes on cooldown properly after deactivation
Greedo • Stuns Luke out of Block for 2 seconds when shooting him with Slow targeting
Boba Fett • Increased Flamethrower damage against Chewbacca by 50%
Vehicles • U-Wing: Fixed missile warning issues

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