Kurz nach dem Release von Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 ist das erste Update für die PC-Version des Scharfschützen-Shooters da.
Der Patch behebt Fehler, lässt Spieler das Field of View ändern sowie das Motion Blur abschalten.
• Added an FOV slider > You can find it: Option Menu > Settings > Video • Added a Motion Blur On/Off toggle > You can find it: Option Menu > Settings > Video > Advanced options • Fixed Heart beat sound • Fixed various extreme navigation issues • Made the Buggy Vehicle destructible • Fixed the KTR assault rifle aim position • Fixed some issues with using ladders • Fixed discovering new Points of Interest • Fixed saving issues of completed Points of Interest • Fixed issues with settings changes not saving properly • Fixed animation - sprint to zoom blend • Fixed animation - fast select prams unify • Tweaks in bows animations • Multiple mission scripting fixes • Various ambient sound fixes • Wolf sound fixes • Removed green blood elements in wolf attack • Repaired character voice in the Deep Ending mission • Repaired bush sounds for player • Fixes some keyboard binding issues • Fixed some of the cases with rain inside the building • Some localization fixes • Many other minor fixes

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