Best Sanctum of Domination Collectibles
There is no doubt that new raids are popular among the players for the loot with the high item level, new story twists, and various challenges.
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There is no doubt that new raids are popular among the players for the loot with the high item level, new story twists, and various challenges. But we also like this content for the new items we would be happy to add to our huge collection. Sometimes it is possible to get these things on your own, but for the 9.1 patch, SoD raid boosts ordered from the recommended boosters like Leprestore might be the only option left for getting the rarest exhibits. No matter what type of collector you are, in this article, we will gather all useful information about such things in the Jailer’s lair for you. Prepare your bags!
We will start with the most popular collectibles among players. Sanctum of Domination boosting blossoms because of the collectors which are eager for the mount you can receive after making a Sylvanas kill in the Mythic mode. But we should carefully explore each creature in detail.
1) Sanctum Gloomcharger. The 9.1 update brought many weird things to life in the game, but everything looks normal compared to the interest of players in the Charger mounts. The easiest one to get is the Fallen Charger which can be obtained in the Maw from the same-called rare, and the groups that find it usually gets full in 10-15 seconds. That is why the Sanctum Charger, which has even better color, became the reason to buy Sanctum of Domination run from boosters. The boss called The Nine drops this mount on any difficulty, which means that they may also try to farm it in LFR. However, doing so in the more challenging modes will reward you with other beneficial collectibles.
2) Hand of Hrestimorak. If you attend Sanctum of Domination buy raid carry that includes finishing the different achievements for the Glory of the Sanctum Raider. Having this meta-achievement also grants you one of the Hand mounts, which are famous for their ability to play the “Rock Paper Scissors” game with the other owners of these beauties. Hands are mostly difficult-to-get mount because only one of them can be received just by simply killing a rare. Once a week. With a certain chance. That is why achieving Sanctum’s Glory might not be this bad, especially since you can simply buy SoD raid run from boosters.
Hand of Hrestimorak can play “Rock Paper Scissors” with other Hands.
3) Vengeance. The most desired mount in 9.1 is the one Sylvanas drops in the Mythic mode. The chance of getting this one is 100%, but you can have only two of these birds per your 20 people Mythic group. The mount symbolizes the darkness which inhabited the heart of Sylvanas after Arthas had killed the ranger. WoW Sanctum of Domination carry options, including the possibility of slaying Sylvanas, might be the most certain way to get it since the Mythic raid content is extremely hardcore.
Legendaries and epics
Hunters should be as happy as Rogues when the sneaky shadow warriors got Shard of Azzinoth from Illidan in the Black Temple. Legendary weapons become outdated at the beginning of the next expansion, but their look and the very fact you OWN this epic gear make your collection impressive.
Sylvanas drops a bow which gives the Hunter a new active ability. However, the way Rae'shalare, Death's Whisper looks makes this bow worth any effort even without its influence on the gameplay. The bow matches both the transmog from Sanctum of Domination and any other grim costumes you would like to wear too. But that is not the only collector's passion that provides SoD carry services with such popularity. However, it's worth noting that it drops even while playing Normal difficulty. You just need to have certain items to upgrade it if you want to have a more powerful weapon.
Remember that sword from Naxxramas? This is him now!
Dark Ranger's Quiver is also an item Sylvanas drops, and it enhances gameplay for Hunters as well. However, unlike the bow, this Quiver is possible for anyone to wear since it is a back. It perfectly matches the bow, but even if you wear a two-handed sword or daggers, it may still fit if the style is coherently matched.
The last great epic weapon that can be added to your collection is The Devouring Cold. It is an upgraded version of the sword from Naxxramas, and it is not a surprise that Kel'Thuzad drops this powerful gear. Frost Death Knights will be happy to match it with their "ice-themed" transmogs, but actually, any light-blue costume may benefit from adding this sword to your style.
We have already started to talk about it because cool legendary and epic weapons could not be regarded apart from transmogrification. However, when people order the Sanctum of Domination boost that includes gear farming, they often just want to collect the transmog sets specific to this raid. Here is a brief overview of the sets for each type of armor.
● Cloth Set makes you a terrific ghost-like mage minion of the Jailer that deals us a lot of problems in the Perdition Hold. Very nice shoulders, but overall it is mostly too boring.
Cloth Armor Raid Set from Sanctum of Domination.
● Leather Set looks like it is made for plate holders! Gorgeous skull helmet and horrifying shoulders. This is what we waited for from the Jailer’s fortress.
Leather Armor Raid Set from Sanctum of Domination.
● Mail Set is controversially constructed as these horns should match the atmosphere of the Sanctum, but occasionally they don’t. Because the gear pieces apart from the helmet and shoulders look like they are from a totally different set. Mail Armor Raid Set from Sanctum of Domination.
● Plate Set worth buying a sod boost as getting this one makes you even more monstrous and creepy (in a good sense!) than any Jailer’s servant. However, not a surprise that the Plate classes got lucky again. Plate Armor Raid Set from Sanctum of Domination.
Collecting different things is a challenging task in World of Warcraft. However, this game has a community that will definitely rate your efforts high. Sanctum of Domination collectibles can also bring you much joy both while getting them and when showing them to your friends. Just be ready to spend another ten hours on farming (or ask boosters for help). After all, your reward is worth it for sure!

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