Bethesda hat das Update #3 für die PC-Version des Actionspiels Dishonored 2: Das Vermächtnis der Maske veröffentlicht.
Der Patch behebt unter anderem einen Bug in Verbindung mit AMD-400-GPUs:
• Fixed a bug where AMD 400 Series Crossfire enabled GPUs will have lower auto graphics presets than the single card GPU • Fixed a bug where the player can get control-locked in the Keybind menu if they use a mouse and gamepad. • Fixed a PC bug where the player will lose in-game sound/audio after alt-tabbing too quickly • Added option to hide the quick select dock • Fixed a bug where Quick Save / Quick Load is available in Iron Mode • UI optimization • Fixed a bug where the FPS drops when the player looks at a gravehound's smoke. • Fixed a bug where possessing a Gravehound causes their smoke effect to build up. • Fixed shadows missing on particles • Fixed a bug where normal maps were inverted with negative scaled objects • Fixed a bug where using Far Reach on a hanging speaker causes strange physics in subsequent Far Reaches • Fixed a bug where aiming Focused Strike or Spyglass at the sky results in poor depth of field masking • Fixed a bug where Jindosh still talks to player in lab after death or being rendered unconscious • Fixed a bug where the journal may become blurred • Fixed a bug in Long Day In Dunwall where screen turns dark a short time after speaking with Meagan • Fixed a bug where the player becomes control-locked when attempting to load corrupt mission saves • Fixed a bug where overwriting corrupt New Game + save with no free space can cause a crash during or after credits • Fixed a bug where Autosave Thumbnails persist after switching Profiles • Fixed a bug in "Long Day in Dunwall" where saving as the mission causes the Mission Save to not be created • Fixed a bug where canceling a mission selection on the main menu and then starting a New Game + prevents selecting a difficulty setting • Fixed a bug where mantling as the elevator hits the ground will cause game to crash • Fixed a bug where Doppelgänger doesn't replenish mana with Corvo • Fixed a bug where NPCs will rediscover bodies after a save/load and enter search mode a second time • Fixed reported issues with some localization text • Fixed a bug where Springrazor traps attached to Rats and Bloodflies will not go off if possessed • Fixed a crash when Far Reaching to an NPC while killing them with Shadow Kill • Fixed a bug where Rats were unable to consume severed limbs • Fixed a crash that could occur during a fight with a rewired Clockwork Soldier • Bloodthirst post-process is now brighter • Fixed a bug where one-handed thrown objects were misaligned to the right of the crosshair • Fixed a bug where the Springrazor won't trigger when it is put on a bolt • Added a « Full » option for the « Mana Replenish » setting • Fixed a crash when player falls off of platform inside painting while in possession.

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