Arkane Studios hat das Beta-Update 1.2 für Dishonored 2: Das Vermächtnis der Maske veröffentlicht.
Das soll unter anderem die Performance der PC-Version weiter verbessern und mehrere Crash-Bugs beseitigen.
PERFORMANCE • Reduced framerate stuttering • Added a customizable FPS limiter to reduce the fluctuation • Framerate capped at 120 FPS to prevent physics issues which occur only above 120fps • Max pre-rendered frame is now managed by the game • Adjusted Texture Details settings so settings make a significant visual and performance change • Fixed a bug where AMD GPU experienced huge framerate drops when there is cloth simulation in the environment. • Adjusted ocean settings for perf improvement • Added frequency in V-sync UI • Fixed a bug where VRAM usage was higher than available VRAM • Fixed a bug where auto-detected settings were set too high for certain hardware • Added HBAO+ support for AMD GPUs • Fixed a bug where turning HBAO+ ON created some bad shadowing on player's hands • Removed Environment Details settings as it was strongly tied to View Distance • Removed Fog Quality settings as it was not impacting the visuals or providing performance advantages • Adjusted auto detected settings for R9 290X2 • Fixed a bug where Water Quality settings was only impacting ocean, not canals or pools • Improved CPU cores utilization on high and low-end machines
MOUSE, GAMEPAD & CONTROLS • Fixed a bug where mouse sensitivity was framerate dependent • Fixed a bug where the controller vibrates continuously it the player switched from gamepad to mouse and keys while the gamepad was vibrating • Fixed a bug where Aim Friction didn't work with a gamepad • Fixed a bug where the gamepad could not be recognized if plugged after the game was ran • Fixed a bug where resolution could not be changed with mouse • Mouse smoothing setting is now set to minimum by default (setting won't get overwritten if customized by the player)
ALT+TAB • Fixed a bug where using ALT + TAB could result in endless switch between the game and other programs • The player can no longer bring up the Pause menu when using ALT + TAB while dying • Fixed a bug where the bug kept on registering mouse movements while in background after the player used ALT + TAB to switch to another program
CRASH FIXES • Fixed a bug where the game could crash if the player decided to leave the Clockwork Mansion while Clockwork Soldiers were beheaded • Fixed a bug where the game crashes if the player attempted to go into visual settings menu after disconnecting a monitor in game • Fixed a crash when selecting a video card without attached monitor to it • Fixed a bug where game could freeze in "Another Strange Visit" when opening the weapon wheel with Middle Click button and then scrolled if the player used gamepad before
MENU & OPTIONS • Fixed a bug where the collar of the player was visible while using Shadow Walk assassination in large FOV • Fixed a bug where the game could stretch the resolution to fit screen while using a non-native resolution and switching from Borderless Windowed Mode to Windowed Mode • Fixed a bug where the menu was not filling the whole screen in some resolutions • Fixed a bug where Mouse Smoothing setting was sometimes not properly displayed even though it was properly saved • Fixed a bug where 'Unassigned' text for unassigned buttons overlaps nearby text with Keyboard and Mouse controls • Fixed a bug where the player was unable to switch to Full Screen or Windowed Mode after he switched to Borderless Windowed Mode • Added a Framerate Limiter so the player can limit framerate fluctuation when playing without V-sync • Added TXAA sharpness setting • Changed the Aim Assist settings to be more clear • Added Triple Buffering option • Added more choices to V-Sync settings • Monitor/Resolution • Fixed a bug where restoring default settings activated the second monitor as the default monitor • Fixed a bug where the game switched to Borderless Windowed when the player changed resolution while in windowed mode • Fixed a bug where the game was displaying a black screen if the resolution was set to 1786 x 992 in full screen • Fixed a bug where expiration of change monitor confirmation dialogue while game is minimized can cause display to stop functioning • Fixed a bug where Resolution Scaling was deactivated when the game ran above 30 FPS • Changed the Resolution Scaling settings for a better understanding • Added resolution ratio to the Resolution drop list • Fixed a bug where resolution scaling setting was not saved when quitting the options menu • Fixed a bug where the current game resolution was applied to the monitor when switching monitor even if this resolution was not supported
UI • Fixed a bug where mouse Wheel pop up will highlight as selected incorrect slot after holding key corresponding to an empty slot • Fixed a bug where initiating Black Market shop with keyboard displays gamepad prompts on menu until additional keyboard or mouse input • Blink, Far reach and The Heart are now automatically binded to shortcuts after being acquired • Fixed a bug where the Gun shortcut was not automatically assigned if bullets were picked up before the gun • Fixed a bug where "<" key appeared as "Unassigned" in game when bound to any action
MISC • Fixed a bug where sabotaging the Oraculum device would count as 2 kills and prevent getting the "Clean Hands" achievement

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