From Software hat den Patch 1.32 für das Action-Rollenspiel Dark Souls 3 veröffentlicht.
Patch Notes für Dark Souls 3 v1.32:
• Reduced damage of the light arrows fired by "Angels" • The sorcery "Hidden Body" is now effective against "Angels" • Reduced the damage of homing spears released from "Spear of the Church" • Reduced the amount of bonus absorption the "Spear of the Church" receives during 1vs2, 1vs3 and 1vs4 games (1vs1 is unaffected) • Reduced the amount of HP "Church Guardian" has during a 1vs1 match (1vs2, 1vs3 and 1vs4 are unaffected) • Increased damage and scaling of simple, crystal, fire, chaos, lightning, dark, deep and blessed infusions • Increased damage of raw infusions • Reduced damage and scaling of heavy infusions at lower weapon levels • Increased scaling of sharp infusions, and increased damage gain at high levels of dexterity • Reduced scaling of heavy infusions on lighter weapons • Reduced damage of "Exile Greatsword" • Reduced damage for L1(LB) attacks, and increased stamina consumption for L1(LB) attacks and weapon art "Ember" of "Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords" • Fixed a bug where the weapon art "Wind Wheel" of "Splitleaf Greatsword" was applying more status effects than intended • Fixed a bug where fully charged R2(RT) attacks of "Profaned Greatsword" and "Black Knight Greatsword" were not consuming additional stamina • Fixed a bug where the weapon art of "Preacher's Right Arm" would combo for more hits than intended • Fixed a bug where the weapon art of "Painting Guardian's Curved Sword" would combo for more hits than intended • Increased damage of Toxic dealt by players, but reduced the penalty to stamina regeneration

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