Whether you're only just beginning your world of warcraft adventure or looking to add some new mounts to your existing collection, we've got what you need right here. Although there are hundreds of mounts available, many of them carry a time-limit, which means they are difficult to obtain, they could be very pricey, or they simply no longer exist.
Regardless of whether you've got heaps of gold sitting around or not, the mounts in our guide are among the easiest mounts to get your hands on in World of Warcraft.
Heirloom Mounts The Chauffeured chopper heirloom mount is one of the easiest WoW Mounts Available and is obtainable by Alliance or Horde players, mainly because it only involves getting the Heirloom Hoarder achievement. You need to gather 35 heirloom items on your account to unlock the achievement, and since you probably already have heirlooms, if you enjoy leveling alts and play often or can but them cheaply, it won't take long to unlock this.
This first mount has an interesting aesthetic, and it has its own advantages when compared to other mounts. You don't need any riding skill meaning players from level 1 can ride this mount, meaning leveling alts with this mount is ideal. You can also use this mount to plow through mobs without the worry of being dismounted if you get attacked, which is also great for leveling. The only issue with this mount is the measly max speed of 60%, which can get annoying as you reach higher levels.
Vashj'ir Seahorse This next mount in Blizzard’s MMORPG is obtainable by grinding out quests in the Vashj'ir underwater area, which you'll find within the Eastern kingdoms. Specifically, you'll need to complete the Abyssal Ride quest to unlock the mount, and as a reward, you can expect to get 450% swimming speeds. You will probably obtain the mount without too much effort if you are questing in this location anyway, and because of this, many players will already have this mount in their roster.
Many argue that this mount is one of the most pointless ones because it's restricted to one zone. It would make sense seeing as its an underwater mount that you could use it in any area submerged in water, but that's not the case here. Vashj'ir is the only place this mount is usable, and although its annoying, if you're merely collecting mounts and having the spare time to get this one, it's a cool little addition.
Marks of Honor PvP Mounts Both Alliance and Horde mounts have various PvP mounts available, and using the Marks of Honor currency is the main way to obtain them. You could get all seven mounts that are available for every faction, meaning players of both Horde and Alliance will have 14 to collect. These mounts are fairly easy to get as completing various PvP activities will award you marks of honor, which you can use towards each mount, and many of these activities are laid back and require no real effort. No world of warcraft gold is required to buy these mounts, and you don't need to finish any long quest chains or defeat stressful raid encounters. If PvP is your thing, then you will be able to obtain one of these mounts in a short space of time.
There are also a variety of other mounts available, but for this guide, we wanted to provide a list of mounts available that would be best suited to those starting to get a feel for the game and its core mechanics. Reins of The Twilight Drake, Darkwater Skate, and Marsh Hopper, and Flying Carpets are some of the other mounts available in the game.

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