Fehlermeldung Mike-01 ist verschwunden, die Server sind wieder live. Der Patch hat kleinere Probleme behoben und Balancing-Anpassungen vorgenommen.
Weapons • We removed a work in progress weapon that was not properly named and balanced. • Crossbows now deal explosive damage to multiple objects as intended • Exotic weapons equipped with silencers will now produce the sound they're intended to make. • NPCs engaged in combat will now react to grenades as intended.
Missions • The ropes will now deploy properly to allow for extraction at the end of the Beekeeper Jeff side mission. • Players should no longer be able to unlock Castle prematurely. This issue would block progression in some instances. • Fixed a loot exploit that involved repeatedly killing bosses in some Invaded missions. • In Jefferson Plaza, the NPC scene can no longer be interrupted during a boss fight.
PC specific • PC players playing together while connected to the same network were meeting a number of issues when interacting with each other. This has now been fixed. • On PC, FreeSync 2 HDR can now properly be selected in game regardless of your PC's configuration.
Other • Stopped "SHD CPU V.2" and "Cyclone Magazine" skill mods from dropping as loot. Player's who already have the items can use them once they unlock the corresponding specialization perk. • Players will no longer get stuck on black screens after watching introduction cinematics. • We have updated XP rewards for all end game activities, so that they will scale to the player's level, instead of being flat values. • Several corrupted audio issues have been fixed.

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