Ubisoft hat einen weiteren Patch für von Ghost Recon Wildlands veröffentlicht.
Missions and Narration • Adjusted various missions markers & GPS pathfinding. • Adjusted various mission triggers in order to smoothen the player’s progress and game experience. • Fixed situations where dialogue and barks would not trigger correctly. • Fixed infinite XP farming exploit on “Rebellion Rising” mission. • NPCs now exit the vehicle properly in “Stop the Convoy” missions
These missions are now unlocked correctly for players who reported issues • Gold Rush • Sueño’s proposition • Sandoval Dead body • El Cerebro
The following missions are now replayable • El Cerebro • Boss missions • Sandoval confession • Western cocaine cache
User Interface • Players can now select what intel they want to collect, even with all the HUD options turned off. • Fixed Character hiding behind menus in certain situations. • HUD now updates when XP boosters are activated. • Trophy requirements adjustments: The Champion, Eagle-Eyed, With a Pistol • Fixed some weapon packs not unlocking properly: Underbarrels & Rails Pack
Co-Op • Fixed a bug where hits would register with a 0.5-second lag. • Fixed kick/ban vote notifications. • Fixed game freezes in 4-player sessions.
Corrected various replication issues, such as • Paint jobs & attachments not showing correctly in the lobby • Rebel Radio explosion not synchronizing • Sniper scope glare effect not synchronizing • Players seen running beside VHC/bike they should be sitting in • Suppressor not synchronizing when removed from a vehicle’s shooting position • Burning corpses from systemic events • Explosion not replicating if the distance is too high
The following achievements should now be awarded in the two missions below • A Better Mousetrap • The Cluster Bomber
Connectivity • Fixed various disconnection bugs. • Fixed a bug where the user could not reconnect to a previous session. • Fixed errors when looking for public sessions.
Gameplay • Players can now select the vehicle they want to spawn when using the “Drop Vehicle” rebel skill. • Fixed XP awarded when killing an enemy undetected. • Fixed a bug where sometimes vehicle seats could stay booked after NPC exiting. • Fixed a bug where the player would take cover too far from certain props. • Players can no longer teleport to safe houses while being hunted. • The Medical Helicopter will now spawn correctly in the Tabacal area side-mission. • Fixed bikes not slowing down in water. • Fixed flash grenades not stopping detection. • Fixed an occasional instant game-over when falling off a dirt bike. • Fixed a bug where sometimes the player could not tag enemies after hot joining. • Adjusted damage caused by explosives in Arcade difficulty. • Fixed an issue where sometimes pilots didn’t die after AI helicopter crash. • Fixed a situation where sometimes vehicles disappeared when driving at high speeds.
Audio • Added a feature allowing the player to mute every radio in-game. • Fixed Car radio not functioning in various situations. • Amplified the radio voice effects to avoid player confusing El Sueño’s voice on the radio and the one of the Ghosts. • Introduction video mix enhanced.
Graphics • Fixed player models appearing with twisted limbs if they were killed in certain positions. • Fixed low-resolution textures appearing while aiming/driving. • Fixed camera clipping through some textures & props. • Fixed missing textures in certain environments. • Fixed drone showing blur effect on objects. • Fixed the textures flickering when using parachute or helicopter.
Stability • Fixed various crashes. • Fixed an occasional infinite loading screen after validating settings at first launch.
World • Fixed various world building glitches. • Fixed some world parts where the player could get stuck.
PC Specific Patch Notes Graphics • Added the SMAA anti-aliasing mode. • Added a notification for anti-aliasing recommendations in multi GPU setups. • Addressed a series of issues causing flickering in multi GPU setups. • Fixed an issue with HUD scaling in 4 monitor multi display setups.
User experience and interface • Added support to bind Home, End, Insert, Delete, Page Up and Page Down keys. • Added several menu navigation improvements with mouse and keyboard. • Added a notification if the video driver is outdated. • Added a notification when the system is low on free RAM and starts writing to the virtual memory. • Fixed a HUD issue in co-op for users who have already completed the selected mission. • Fixed the Pitch icon display when using mouse to steer helicopters.
Co-Op • Fixed an issue with co-op sharing of systemic activities. • Fixed the use of Push to Talk in the co-op lobby.
Controls • Changed the Enable Controller default option to Only Gamepads. • Addressed a number of issues with the Steam Controller icons and functionality. Performance • Addressed a series of random crashes encountered by users. • Fixed an issue causing framerate drops when the saving icon was being displayed. • Fixed an issue where the menu was lagging while running the game on a Hard Disk Drive. • Solved an issue with VRAM bar update when lowering Resolution scaling.
Miscellaneous • Fixed a bug on the Medication Air Transport mission in Tabacal. • Fixed an issue with character poses in Ansel. • Solved a controls issue where one couldn’t sprint from crouch or prone position.

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