AMD hat heute noch einmal ganz offiziell bestätigt, dass im August die Partnerkarten der Radeon RX 5700 (XT) in den Handel kommen.
Offiziell heißt es:
"Hey all, Custom AIB designs will be hitting the market ~mid August.
Also, since I know there are a lot of threads on this blower design:
The Radeon group historically has had a bad reputation of producing product launch charts that didn’t match up to real world performance. Love it or hate it the blower allowed us to guarantee performance in every system to match our launch charts. Not everyone cools their PC as good as a reviewer and definitely not as good as some of the pictures you guys have shared. It was my goal to clean all of this up so that you can trust our performance you hear from us on stage.
But the feedback over the past few weeks has been really good for us to read. Going forward:
1). If blower design are used also offer dual/tri-axial options at launch for the enthusiasts. I like this idea. 2). Have reviews hit before shelf date (working on this with team) 3). Keep jebaiting NV - easily done.
Keep posting guys. I’m reading.

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