A Virtual Private Network is a service that routes all of your internet traffic through a server that is hosted remotely. This means that although the server on the receiving end is still able to do all the things that you request, no one else can possibly spy on your data through your connection.
Privacy and Security are two of the most important considerations when it comes to using the internet in modern times. There are numerous ways to protect yourself from any harm, but most of them require you to be extremely tech-savvy and understand the inner workings of your computer before you can make any changes.
What is a VPN and why you should have it
A VPN is most commonly used as a way to ensure that you are completely anonymous on the internet and it is impossible for any person who is trying to gain access to your files. On top of this, a VPN has a lot of different advantages which you may not know of (such as kill-switch).
We will take a look at 5 of the best reasons to buy a VPN and give you important tips on what to do when selecting a VPN for yourself. Remember that it is entirely possible for you to select the wrong VPN for yourself and it could end up either massively overcharging you or not being good enough for its intended purpose.
For example, take a look at this VPN Unlimited review. For most people, it is the perfect VPN as it does everything required of a VPN and does it quite well. However, it is not good enough for people who especially value their privacy, and those people might be better off using something such as NordVPN or CyberGhost.
So, here are 5 reasons for getting a VPN, and 5 things you need to look out for when selecting a VPN.
Encryption Encryption has become such an industry standard in VPNs that any VPN without encryption has absolutely no chance of survival. Encryption is used to make sure that even if someone is able to somehow any of your data, they are unable to open it.
Most of the VPNs utilize the same encryption technology used by militaries and banks worldwide, AES-256 does things the old fashioned way, by simply having so many possibilities that it is not possible for any current machine to crack the encryption.
Kill-switch The Kill-switch is a feature that many people fail to understand although it is incredibly simple in the way that it works. Simply put, the kill-switch shuts off all internet traffic going out or coming into your device if you disconnect from the VPN by mistake.
This, in turn, makes sure that you are in no way under threat from anyone even if you stop using your VPN, as the internet will simply shut-off and you will need to either reconnect to the VPN or allow your connection to work properly without it.
Location spoofing If you live outside the US, you may not know that you do not have access to the same Netflix as those living in the US do. Netflix localizes its content due to copyright reasons, and the US seems to have the most western content available.
If you want to access the US version of Netflix, you can do so by using a VPN. Remember that not all VPNs work well with Netflix so it is best to take a look at their reviews and then purchase them in order to guarantee their functionality.
Better ping in Games This is what many people do not know about. If you play online games on a server, not in your country, you can decrease your ping by routing your connection through a VPN whose net delay is less than your direct connection. For example, you may get better ping to Singapore while living in Germany if you tunnel your connection through Turkey rather than go direct.
Remember that this is not true every single time and it is quite possible that your ping becomes even worse when you use a VPN. The only thing you can do is try various different combinations so that you can see whether any of them works or not.
Privacy This is perhaps the most important reason to get a VPN. Taking a look at what Edward Snowden has revealed, it is no surprise that we have to be extremely careful if we want to protect ourselves from the watchful eye of the governments.
A VPN does all of this by making sure that the government cannot access any of your browsing history. If you select a VPN which also has a no-logs policy, then you can rest easy knowing that nothing you do can be traced back to you. Just make sure to read the terms and conditions of the VPN that you are selecting, as not all of them actually have a no-logs policy (even though they say they do).

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